Last year, over 1 million Americans filed bankruptcy – don’t let your students become part of that statistic. Students today are facing significant financial and economic challenges after graduation. Now is the time to teach them the importance of managing their finances, as well as the costs and benefits of becoming productive, successful adults.

The State Bar of Texas Bankruptcy Law Section, in partnership with the Consumer Information Foundation, Inc., presents MoneyWise, an opportunity for students to interact with a bankruptcy attorney or judge, and learn the benefits of keeping a budget, setting financial goals, and preparing for the future.

MoneyWise is a comprehensive financial education program targeted to high school students, provided at no charge to the school or the students.  The program is presented by a lawyer from your community, and is 45 minutes to an hour in length – the perfect fit for a class period. MoneyWise includes a Flashpoint© presentation with corresponding handouts, and encourages students to explore real-life scenarios involving budgets, college expenses, and planning for the future. MoneyWise is approved by the Texas Education Agency as satisfying the personal financial literacy requirement for graduation as well.

If you’re interested in scheduling a presentation at your school or learning more about MoneyWise, click on the links on this page for additional information. Today’s students deserve to be prepared for future financial success.

My students could not believe that lawyers would actually take the time to come to our school and talk to them. It was obvious to me that they were very impressed with the presentations. I think one could tell from their questions that this was the case. They wanted to see the relevancy to their own personal situations.

Jan 21, 2008
Financial Chalk Talk
MoneyWise was created by the State Bar of Texas Bankruptcy Law Section and the Consumer Information Foundation, Inc. All programs are offered free of charge, and are provided by local volunteers in communities across Texas. Any information provided is for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice.
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